Our motto “Wood is passion and emotion”

“Successful trading of wood is based on trust, passion for the product and good relations.” These guiding principle characterizes Mayer-Fischer Wood Trading since the beginning. Behind Mayer-Fischer Wood Trading is a great team consisting of Hannes Fischer, Susanne Klein and Wilfried Tissot – simply „Wood in the best Mayer-Fischer quality “.

  • 1953 Emil Mayer founded with passion and commitment his company “Mayer Holzhandel”
  • Early 80’s the legal form changed into a GmbH
  • 1990 Edgar Mayer took over the management as well as purchasing and sales in Europe and overseas. His brother and co-owner René Mayer focused on the high-quality wood purchase and sale.
  • 1990 expansion of the headquarter in Rankweil
  • 2008 Hannes Fischer took over the management
  • 2019 „Mayer Holzhandel GmbH“ becomes „Mayer-Fischer Holz und Handel GmbH“ and Hannes Fischer becomes owner and managing director
Hannes Fischer
Hannes Fischer

Owner and

Susanne Klein
Susanne Klein

Disposition and

Wilfried Tissot
Wilfried Tissot

Sales France
and Italy